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  • Where We Painting ?


We can travel to Birmingham, Walsall, Wolverhampton and Dudley area.
 No travel cost -  10 miles radius of WS2. Other only 5-10 £ travel fee.
If you live in another area there may be an additional charge for travel expenses. Please give your location when making an enquiry.


  • Do I need to book and do I need to place a deposit?


Yes. Book ASAP to secure your date and avoid disappointment. Most people want to book a week end and usually between 10am-2pm. So these times are taken fast. A 30% deposit is required to secure your date at the time of booking. Without a deposit , the booking will lapse after 7 days of your enquiry


  • How many hours should I book my party for ?


For Face Painting, we do like to spend at least 6-7 minutes with each child, But sometimes we need 10 min too. It all depends upon the complexity of the design. For younger children we would do simpler designs as they do not like to sit still for too long. So realistically you would need to book 1 hour to paint 10 children and 2 hours for 20 children and so on. Glitter Tattoos are less intricate and so we are able to apply 15 – 20 of those in 1 hour.


  • Can you paint within the theme of my child's party?


Absolutely! Just let us know the theme of the party when booking and we will make sure to have some faces ready for the event. Though, keep in mind that more time may be needed per child depending on the complexity of the design and this may affect the booking time.


  • Cheek art is not faster than full faces?


Oftentimes, I get parents who say to us “I can only afford to hire you for one hour. There are going to be a lot of kids here, but I am sure you can get through them all if you just paint little designs on their cheeks instead of full faces.” Let’s pause for a moment and think about it. What would take less time for you to do? To use big sponges and wide brushes to place vast sweeps of color across a large canvas of paint, until you quickly create an image of the Eiffel Tower? Or trying to paint a tiny version of the Eiffel Tower onto a tiny grain of rice? Smaller is hardly ever faster!


  • How do I remove Face paint ?


Face paint is formulated for easy removal with a mild soap and water. Baby wipes are also a way to remove the paint but is not always the best. Wipes are made for little bottoms and some brands can cause a reaction on facial skin. Some darker colours will leave a temporary tinge on the skin but don’t worry it will fade in a day or so. Should the paint get on clothes, use a stain pre-treater along with regular soap powder.


  • How Safe and hygienic is Face Painting ?


IsMakeup Supplies include FDA approved professional Face Paints such as Tag,Diamond or Mehron. The glitters we use are manufactured especially for application on the skin and contain no metals which could potentially scratch the eyes. The Face paint is not harmful unless a person is allergic to the colouring (e.g. red dye or blue dye). Professional face paint has a consistency similar to women's face makeup. The Face Paints are made with a special anti-microbial formula which prevents the spread of germs. Our Paint brushes and sponges are always cleaned and disinfected before each event.  We have special sprays and desinfected all children face.


  • Why Is Face Painting Expensive?


I have been asked by a few people... I think this is because a lot of the time all some people consider is covered in the charge is an hourly rate. The prices I charge are pretty standard and even less for the industry locally, so if another face painter is offering a much cheaper rate, ask yourself how she could possibly be covering all the above costs and still earn herself some money. MORE INFO ABOUT THIS CLICK HERE



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